Cremation Urns in Ceramic


My ceramic urns are hand casts of my clay originals and are available in three designs:
Flowers; Leaves; and Tendrils

After the bisque firing I paint them and fire them again. Instead of glazes I finish them with complementing or contrasting color accents or high lights and with wax which gives them a smooth, warm to the touch feeling and deep colors.

Please visit the Photo Gallery to get pricing and view my favorites. Custom orders are welcome. I can work with you on the desired effect and/or color to match the environment where the urn will be placed or to relate to something meaningful in your and your loved one’s life.

All urns can be sealed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size urn will I need?

In general, you can calculate what size urn you need by converting the amount of pounds the person whose ashes will be in the urn from pounds to cubic inches. A person who weighed 160 lbs. will need an urn with the volume capacity of at least 160 cubic inches. It is absolutely fine to use an urn that measures more than the person's weight. You may want to add mementos or other objects that hold meaning for you to the ashes.

What are Keepsake Urns?

With families living far from each other you may want to consider sharing the ashes and storing them in the small Keepsake urns. They usually hold between 15 and 30 cubic inches of ashes. Another family may decide to scatter part of the ashes and store the remainder in a small Keepsake urn.

Can I seal the urn?

Urns can be sealed with easily available clear silicone caulking.

Can you include a name and inscription?

Yes, at the wax stage I can carve a name and/or a brief inscription on the bottom of the urn or on a blank space that gets covered by the lid. I'll be glad to discuss this or other possibilities with you.


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