Art of Remembering was born out of an experience in my own family. When my mother-in-law, Celia, passed away, I decided to create a special grave marker to honor her life and to reflect our cherished memories of her.

Designing the marker was a collaborative process with other members of the family. My son, Theo, came up with the words that most closely captured Celia's essence, Loving and Caring. I felt like she was watching over my shoulder with interest as I was creating the marker in clay.

 The idea of creating lasting signs of remembrance for others arose from this experience and it feels like a parting blessing from Celia. I love designing the markers. I find joy in the way that families can use the process of designing the marker as a way of reflecting the life of their loved one. Designing Celia's marker was a healing experience for me. I want to make this healing experience available to others in the same situation.

Art of Remembering memorial markers are first created in clay and then cast in bronze. Bronze is one of the oldest and most lasting materials on earth. The markers will outlive us and our loved ones for centuries to come.

I have been sculpting in clay for the last 30 years in both Europe and the US. My work comes out of a feeling of compassion and appreciation for my fellow human beings and for myself: we work so hard at being good and happy, at living our lives the best way we can, dealing with hardships and enjoying pleasures. I want to express through my work that even though a life has come to an end, that person was here, that person mattered to others, and still does.

 - Sigrid Herr, sculptor


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